Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beware of Unethical Event Company in Thailand

This is my very first blogging and hope to improve on my blogging from time to time. My writing may not be as good as other bloggers. Whatever I am about to write below may have some mistake or lots of mistake. Hope that if you continue to read my blog could excuse me for this.

I have been running an event company in Malaysia since 1999 and in 2007 branch out to open an office in Bangkok.

Only recently in July 2012 I have discovered that there is one particular unethical event company which name I do not wish to mentioned in this blog, based in Bangkok have in fact affected my business since 2010. I will tell you how it happened.

Sometime in July 2012, one of staff here in Bangkok whom I have trusted for the past 3 years was asked to leave the company as he have been turning up late during work, meetings and events set up. Everything he does was disastrous and making me and other staff very stressful. So finally in one event, I just couldn't take it anymore so I have requested him to stop work during the event itself.

After just a few days later, there was a shocking posting on his facebook page about an event company which he joined and he also mentioned the website of the event company. Out of curiosity I check out the website and I was in a state of shock after seeing so many of our past event photos and videos since the day we started in 2007 on their website. Not only the photos and videos is on the website, almost all the text mentioned in the website is very similar to ours.

They even prepare a powerpoint presentation about 86 slides which 30 of the slides contain our photo. They also label the photo with date and location of event which is wrong. By looking at those photos I can tell when, where and which client was that event for.

It's so sad to see those photo used by others where you work so hard to pitch for the job and then burning midnight oil to plan and to ensure that the event is nothing less but success.

How could this affect my business so badly, another twist that I have discovered is that, this ex staff of ours during his employment he have secretly passing on details of our client to that event company. I just couldn't believe that corporate espionage is actually happening in my company. How do I know about this, some event job that we have lost is actually done by them.

They have the nerve to claim that they did all the events from those photo that they posted. They don't even feel that it is wrong or perhaps they knew it is wrong but couldn't care at all as long as they can win some deals by posting of those photo on Facebook, website and on any social media etc.

If any of you who like to know more about this, you can email me at jeffsoh@conceptualevent.com

Best of luck in selecting an ethical event company in Thailand.

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By Jeffrey Soh based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Note: We would never post any photos that does not belong to us.